Partners and Associations


S&P Global Ratings

FiinRatings has received technical support from S&P Global Ratings since 2021, as a part of the Asian Development Bank’s technical assistance program. S&P Global Ratings provides technical training and transfers of credit rating agency development technologies, including expertise in credit analysis, compliance with best practices and other commercial aspects. Learn more about the partnership program HERE.
S&P Global Ratings is the world's leading independent credit rating agency with more than 160 years of history. S&P Global Ratings' team of more than 1,500 analysts currently provides credit rating services in 128 countries to governments, businesses, financial institutions, structured financial institutions and debt instruments. For more information on S&P Global Ratings, please visit

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

FiinRatings has received intensive support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through the following programs:

  • Technical support from ADB and S&P Global Ratings, in which S&P Global Ratings provides technical training to FiinRatings. Learn more about the program HERE.
  • Sponsor the first credit rating service fee of US$20,000 for issuers in Vietnam that enter a credit rating contract with FiinRatings and agree to publish the initial credit rating result. Learn more about the program HERE.

Established in 1966, ADB is a multilateral financial institution with 66 members in 47 Asian countries and 19 countries in other regions. ADB provides credits and technical assistance to help Asian countries in poverty reduction and socio-economic development. For more information about ADB, please visit

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI)

FiinRatings is the first company in Vietnam authorized by the Climate Bonds Initiative (“CBI”) to verify green bonds issued by organizations in Vietnam when they participate in CBI’s program. Green bonds that are verified by FiinRatings can help Vietnamese businesses access additional funding from global financial institutions with a direction of investing in green projects. Learn more about the program HERE.
CBI is an international investor-focused and not-for-profit organisation working to mobilize the US$100 trillion bond market for global climate change solutions and help optimize cost of capital. CBI screens and labels green financial instruments under the Climate Bonds Standard to enhance financial benefits besides green development. For more information about CBI, please visit .


Vietnam Bond Market Association (VBMA)

Since becoming an official member of Vietnam Bond Market Association (“VBMA”) since July 2020, FiinRatings has actively participated in VBMA's activities to enhance Vietnam's bond market development. FiinRatings provides in-depth analysis on the corporate bond market through our Reports, Market Commentaries, training events, and seminars to promote the credit rating activities in an effort to improve transparency and minimize information asymmetry in the market, and actively apply international practices to the credit rating process.
Established in 2009, VBMA currently has 60 members including banks, securities companies, fund management companies, insurance companies, finance companies, finance leasing companies and domestic and foreign individuals operating in Vietnam. VBMA’s mission is to develop a highly professional community in the field of debt market instruments, who are pioneers in market development and modernization; and to become a trustworthy source of information and a policy dialogue forum for policymakers and regulators. For more information about VBMA, please visit .

Global Green Growth Institute

FiinRatings and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) have joined forces to promote Vietnam's green bond and sustainable finance markets. Learn more about the partnership program HERE.