About FiinRatings

FiinRatings Joint Stock Company (“FiinRatings”), a member of FiinGroup and a technical collaboration partner with S&P Global Ratings, is a local licensed Credit Rating Agency in Vietnam. FiinRatings provides credit ratings and related services to issuers, creditors and investors in Vietnam credit market. FiinRatings has developed and standardized credit rating models for more than 50 industries and sub-sectors of Vietnamese enterprises.

FiinRatings is also Vietnam first green bonds approved verifier, in accordance with the green bond international standard by the Climate Bonds Initiative and a Vietnamese pioneer in ESG Evaluation and ESG Scoring for Vietnamese companies.

FiinGroup is Vietnam’s leading provider of financial data analytics platforms, business intelligence and industry research service to local and foreign investors in capital market and corporates to grow their business in Vietnam. For more information, visit: https://www.fiingroup.vn