FiinRatings’ Investor Service helping investors and creditors invest in Vietnamese companies with confidence

May 07, 2024

FiinRatings is pleased to announce the introduction to our investor services. We help investors do business in Vietnam with confidence by credit assessment about Vietnamese counterparts and potential investment opportunities, credit due diligence for investment transactions, credit portfolio monitoring and sustainable finance works.

Key Sectors of Focus:

We have a proven track record and experience in below sectors:

  • Sustainable infrastructure including Renewable Energy, Water supply, Wastewater, Waste-to-Energy, Recycling and other projects aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change adaptation and Green Economies.
  • Consumerism-based sectors including retailers, food & beverage, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and household goods.
  • Real estates including Residential properties, Industrial properties and related sectors Construction & Materials
  • Financial sectors including Banks, Non-bank lenders and Securities Brokers.

Our Key Differentiations:

  • Data-driven research plus local insights
  • Already-built credit models for more than 50 sectors and sub-sectors
  • A team of 30+ analysts and professionals including local and foreign experts
  • Quality assurance at the World’s prestigious firms but affordable and value-for-money

Please explore our services with Investor Service Deck as HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact our analysts via email


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