Vietnam Credit Market Outlook: ADAPTING TO CHANGES

February 07, 2024

The year 2023 witnessed significant fluctuations, with a strong divergence in interest rate environments across countries, and prolonged territorial conflicts worldwide. With these rapid changes, 2024 is expected to be a year of challenges and opportunities for the global economy and Vietnam. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis to readers, investors and businesses, FiinRatings would like to introduce our publication Outlook for 2024 - Adapting to Change.

Entering 2024, we anticipate major changes in the interest rate and credit conditions, as well as in the legal environment with the approval and implementation of key documents, laws, and regulations in various sectors. Additionally, 2024 will be a large election year in in many countries and regions. All these factors will usher in a new cycle, demanding adaptability and thorough preparation from businesses and investors.

In this publication, FiinRatings aims to provide independent analysis supporting our readers, investors, and businesses in gaining insights into the challenges and potential new opportunities. This publication will present our perspectives on the overall credit environment, the outlook for key economic sectors, and the key watching factors in 2024.

We hope that this publication will provide insights to our esteemed readers after a busy, challenging, and turbulent year. We also look forward to receiving feedback, suggestions, and diverse perspectives to continue fulfilling the mission of "Enlighten the Market" as an independent credit rating agency in Vietnam.

FiinRatings sincerely appreciates your support and consideration.

Wishing our esteemed readers a prosperous new year, filled with success in all endeavors.

You can refer to the report for details HERE.

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