[RATING 101 SERIES #7] Credit ratings indicate the level of investment risk

January 29, 2024

Categorizing and evaluating bonds with different credit rating levels will support investors in managing their investment portfolios depending on their risk appetite. In addition, transparency in the bond market also provides additional necessary information to investors, helping to improve credit decisions.  

According to Mr. Ritesh Maheshwari, Managing Director - Head of Southeast Asia at S&P Global Ratings, there is no good or bad rating, all factors to consider are equal availability of information and reliable benchmarking of credit, which then enables pricing by the investors. 

Let's watch the following video for expertise sharing on the above topic from leaders of FiinRatings, VCBS and S&P Global Ratings. Besides, don’t forget to look forward to the next parts of our Rating 101 Series for more insights on the role and meaning of Credit Ratings. 

About FiinRatings 

FiinRatings Joint Stock Company (“FiinRatings”), a member of FiinGroup and a technical collaboration partner with S&P Global Ratings, is a local licensed Credit Rating Agency in Vietnam. FiinRatings provides credit ratings and related services to issuers, creditors and investors in Vietnam credit market. FiinRatings is also Vietnam first green bonds approved verifier, in accordance with the green bond international standard by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). For more information, visit: https://www.fiinratings.vn  

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