Investor Service

Credit Assessment Report

Leveraging the corporate database for all registered businesses in Vietnam and the industry benchmarks of FiinRatings, we provide a credit report with business ratings results for all Vietnamese companies upon request.

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Who will benefit:

  • Institutional investors: Fund management companies, insurance companies, banks
  • Professional individual investors
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What FiinRatings offers

  • Provide an objective insight, in-depth analysis of issuers in your portfolio
  • Assist in the assessment and comparison of potential investment opportunities
  • Offer more basis for investors in setting credit terms/ conditions, and bond valuation
  • Provide independent and objective tools to assist investors in credit risk assessment and management

Sector Credit Monitoring

FiinRatings provides Sector Credit Monitoring services based on FiinRatings’ data platforms, research activities, and regular updates on industry and market changes.

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Who will benefit

  • Institutional investors
  • Investors
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What FiinRatings offers

  • Provide an independent insight and in-depth, detailed industry analysis
  • Update timely information on the credit risk of companies and related business sectors to assist in risk management and monitor your investment portfolio
  • Evaluate the feasibility and credit risk of lending decisions for large projects and transactions, which require in-depth independent third-party assessments, in addition to the internal assessment of the investment implementing entity
  • Support to minimize costs and resources of investors

Full Credit Rating Report

Assisting investors in assessing and making investment decisions, contributing to minimizing information asymmetry. Access to Full Rating Report HERE